Angles and Architecture with Aspen Group

November 3rd, 2021/Architecture, Exterior, Interior/

Traveling has become an important part of what we do at Studio 13. Many clients are asking for a consistency between projects that require Lesle (and her camera) to go wherever she is needed. This time, the photo caravan headed north to capture Chapel Pointe Church in Hudsonville, Michigan as part of a project with our friends at
Aspen Group.

Aspen Group is an architectural firm based out of the Midwest with offices in Illinois, Indianapolis, South Carolina, and Florida. Much of their work is in the Midwest and Southeast, but they have projects that frequently take them elsewhere in the US. Aspen’s integrated approach takes all the people who often struggle to communicate effectively during a building project—architects, interior designers, cost modelers, landscape architects, project managers, superintendents, and more–and puts them on one team, fully accountable to deliver the client’s church project within the promised scope, budget, and timeline.

This two-day project had us juggling multiple creative and logistical facets, including shooting interiors and exteriors during daytime hours and at sunset. Indoor and outdoor shooting require different approaches, and the added complications from the varied lighting proved to make this project intensive due to the variety of techniques required. The sheer volume of the work made the scope of this project massive, with multiple angles needed to show each part of the design and constant adjustments needed in order to accommodate for the ever-shifting lighting.

As always, we at Studio 13 love a challenge! The results were worth the effort, and it was wonderful working with Aspen Group again!

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