Achieving Consistency with Cresa

October 24th, 2018/Corporate Portraiture/

With the number of new startups and ingenious products coming onto the market every year, it is an exciting time in the city of Indianapolis. As much as we commend the startup entrepreneur, we welcome the chance to see a business that has proved itself through the test of time. Recently, we got to work with one such company: Cresa. Cresa is an international commercial real estate company with headquarters in Washington D.C.

Cresa was founded in 1993 when a number of already successful real estate companies all over the United States combined to form a new entity. Now, Cresa has over 60 locations worldwide, including one right here in Indianapolis, and specializes in real estate consulting, project management, facilities management, and location strategy.

To create continuity across so many locations in different countries, Cresa Worldwide has strict guidelines for how its employee headshots are taken. Even going so far as to provide each location with a style guide.  Each subject should be on a white background, from near identical focal points, composition, lighting styles and angle. They allow for some flexibility in posing but otherwise they should all be…well…identical. Although Lesle and her team have the creativity to make their own concept for headshots, they also have the technical proficiency to recreate a template.

Luckily, we were able to work with the lovely Leslie Tesky, who kindly walked us through Cresa’s corporate regulations and made it an enjoyable experience at the same time. Leslie is actually the second generation in her family to work with Cresa; her father, Jim Tesky is one of the managing principals at Cresa Indianapolis.

Now you may think, doesn’t that take all the fun and challenge out of a creative professional’s job? Absolutely not! Of course, we love to create something new for our clients, but when consistency and familiarity is what the client needs, that’s what we give them. In most cases, achieving perfect imitation of another image requires just as much skill and attention to detail as original work.

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