Working in construction is a balancing act of completing the space and installing all the furniture prior to a client occupying that space, all while the business intended to occupy the space keeps working hard and serving their own clients. Whew! So much to coordinate, but our friends at Lauth do an amazing job balancing it all even when circumstances are challenging.

Lauth assists in development and construction of office buildings, distribution centers, retail centers, healthcare facilities, and custom, build-to-suit projects.  The team at Lauth utilizes an integrated approach based on collaboration, innovation and efficiency, and their team of real estate professionals quickly resolve any issues that arise. This quick and efficient approach was a pleasure to work with!

Lauth’s client for this shoot was Valeo Financial Advisors, a new tenant at the Agora at the corner of Carmel Drive and Rangeline Road. Valeo is a group of financial advisors who focus on a client’s entire financial picture, including things like insurance, taxes, cash flow, retirement, and estate planning. Valeo needed a larger, more functional office space and relocated to a full floor in the building.

This space was absolutely gorgeous! Lauth wanted to use our photographs to not only showcase the interiors, but also to display the building’s relationship to the outdoor space, which features an outdoor work and play patio, and all that Carmel, Indiana has to offer. The challenges I faced as a photographer involved balancing the lighting between the interior and exterior spaces, as well as adjusting for the size of the offices in general. Large expanses tend to cause light caverns, so we had to work hard to keep the consistency of light that the eye might see. Although demanding, the results of this project really showed off the beauty of the space. We at Studio 13 are so grateful for long-term clients like Lauth!