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September 14th, 2016/Personal/

This week on our blog we will take a momentary break from all the photography talk and touch on something that is very near and dear to all the hearts here at Studio 13: educational support for learning differences.

Lesle’s son, and my brother, was constantly labeled as the “bad kid” in early elementary school. We later found out that he just learned differently from other kids, but even then had trouble finding the support he needed to reach his full potential. So we switched schools to one that could nurture Grey as he navigated the world of school.

After being a part of the Educational Support Services (ESS) at Heritage Christian School for years and after graduating from the program, the school decided to write about Grey’s success story in their newsletter, The Messenger (you can read that article here). Because of this, and the advocate she was for Grey’s learning process, Lesle was recently chosen to talk at Heritage’s golf outing on behalf of the ESS.

A bit before the day of the speech, Lesle sent me what she had written up to say so I could proofread it. I was speechless. Of course being close to the situation, I knew the most of what was written on the page, but I was choking up.

The sad truth is that there are so many children who are in need of these programs all over the state and the country, but their families aren’t able to afford it. These children’s full potential is not reached and the world misses out on the next astronaut, inventor, or researcher. For this reason, Heritage Christian has started the HOPE (Helping Others Pursue Excellence) fund, in memory of one of the most beloved teachers at Heritage, Mary Jane English. Of course, as the school gives generously, it is also in need of donors to build up this fund, and that is why Lesle was there: to share the success of our very own family member and encourage those present at the outing to donate to this wonderful cause.

The day comes and although I wasn’t there I heard she left her audience in awe. All the women were in tears (and the men were darn close).

Lesle is not a professional writer, or speaker, but she had a passion and a willingness to never give up on Grey, and that translated to a speech which captured and inspired her audience in a call to give, knowing that their donation would be directly impacting the future of a child and all that he will accomplish.

If you would like to donate to the Educational Support Services and assist families with getting the help they need, click here and input amount donated under ESS HOPE fund.

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