A Fusion of Design for IDO

April 10th, 2019/Architecture, Interior/

Although business has evolved into the new age of technology, and LinkedIn and email are a great new way to connect with existing clients, we still rely on face to face contact for new business.  Meeting people at industry events is one of our best ways to find new companies who might need our services- and that is just how we made contact with this week’s spotlight project.

This week’s Journal focuses on our work with the interior design firm, IDO Incorporated. IDO specializes in design and management of mission critical spaces in the sectors of life sciences, healthcare, education, and workplace. The team at IDO is passionate about embracing their client’s corporate values and culture and creating spaces that allow for highly productive and engaging experiences. After keeping an eye on IDO for quite some time, Lesle was able to meet one of the IDO designers, Victoria Numbers, at an Indiana Construction Roundtable meeting and she gave her an opportunity.

The space that IDO asked us to shoot is the Fusion 54 building in Crawfordsville Indiana. This collaborative building houses various offices including the Chamber of Commerce, Wabash College offices and learning spaces, and the Co-Working space for which the project is named, Fusion 54. Throughout the design process, IDO worked with the end users to uniquely reflect the character of each group while maintaining a cohesive sense of the industrial theme as a nod to the history of the City of Crawfordsville.

The star of the shoot was the various textures that IDO incorporated into the design. The breakout meeting spaces incorporate rustic wood paneling and a fun blackboard wall to encourage high-energy, collaborative discussions. The main work space includes hoteling-concept workstations featuring sleek stainless steel and exposed open ceiling to reflect the industrious feel of this modern workplace. It was such a blast to showcase that creativity and bring in the light to perfectly enhance those details in the camera’s eye.

This project was complex but nothing that we weren’t prepared for! Each of the spaces we were tasked with shooting were on four different floors. To add on, two of the floors had windows facing toward the east, meaning bright morning sun streaking into our shots. Usually we would shoot bottom to top, or top to bottom, but that day we bounced around to various floors at the perfect time of day to catch the light just right.

Designers Victoria and Sara, who art directed for our shoot that day, were nothing short of amazing!  They were very prepared for the spaces they wanted photographed while collaborating with Lesle to achieve the best angles.  They were able to clearly communicate when we needed to make adjustments, so we could collectively show the space in a way that would allow her to celebrate a well-designed space. On top of that, they came equipped to accessorize the space making it look just right.  It was a wonderful experience and we appreciate their partnership!

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