There are some clients you can count on to be there through the years in good times and the hard times. One of those clients for us is One 10. We’ve worked on countless projects with their team and they have appeared again and again in our journal features. At times, we feel like family with the team at One 10, laughing around a mid-shoot meal and loving all the strong personalities in our midst. Although there are many projects we could have featured, one recent home really caught our eye.

One 10 is an architecture firm who has been operating in the Indianapolis area since long before we even knew them. They have designed everything from a public defender’s office, to a large house on Geist Reservoir to a Tiny House – which made the front cover of the upcoming book Downsize: Living large in a small house. They are great at what they do and we are glad we’ve been able to walk alongside as business partners over the years.

For one of our more recent collaborations, One 10 brought us in to photograph a private residence in the Meridian/Kessler neighborhood. Although this is traditionally a more historic area, this house was a new construction. This modern home featured bright walls with stone and wood accents to give a little warmth to the space. Although on the whole modern, this house blended features of casual and formal living with a quality that we have come to expect from the team at One 10.

This was a relatively large shoot, requiring two days on location through the various times of day. The light for morning, afternoon, and sunset shots were all wildly different and required patience to line up just right. Because the space was filled with graphic design elements, it was quite visually exciting. This also meant that each room required its own custom lighting and angle adjustments, adding another reason why this shoot took time and precision to execute.

We also included human subjects in these images, which is pretty common in lifestyle architecture. What made this case unique was that the family who actually inhabited the home volunteered to be our models for the day. They were so gracious to just let us invade their space for a few days but their participation in the images made this project so special for all involved.

Some say that work collogues are like family and during this job, we got to incorporate a real family in with our work family to create an end product that speaks to care and quality infused into the architecture, interior design, and photography. Like One 10, we appreciate all of our long-term clients who choose to come back to us again and again, making us like family.