Our subject for today’s project journal is Lucid Services Group! Lucid is a technical solutions firm that works with companies in the healthcare, engineering, and federal industries. The consultants at Lucid are technology and staffing experts, helping to solve problems and overcome challenges faced by organizations. 

Lucid had recently moved into a new space, and naturally was looking to show off their new interior architecture and redo corporate headshots and group shots. Framing the architecture shots was easy–the company culture is vibrant and full of fun people, and Lucid’s workspace reflects that. Since the headshots were in that same workspace and featured the aforementioned fun people being their normal, upbeat selves, the headshots were a joy to capture. 

The group shot, however, proved slightly difficult to capture due to space constraints. Full-time photographers often become part-time furniture movers to handle small logistical problems such as these and seek to make the most of the space that is available. The goal is to make sure the images don’t look cramped, and it was agreed we succeeded on that front! Even with technical difficulties, how can you help but smile when working with a client this much fun?

Looking forward to many more happy photo shoots with Lucid!