10 Places to Focus Your Marketing Efforts in 2019

November 6th, 2018/Business/Marketing/

As 2018 comes to a close, many business owners start to turn their attention toward planning for 2019. And if you are like most, your intent is to grow. (I know mine is!)

It’s always helpful to know where things are going with marketing trends and technology, and for that at Studio 13, we asked Matt Maudlin, President / CEO of MEMO Marketing Group to share what they see as the top 10 marketing trends of 2019. And here are our five favorite. 

1. Companies must leverage referral marketing and brand advocates

In the age of “fake news,” people are becoming more cynical, relying less one what they read online and more dependent on what they hear from those they trust. Identify people who can be ambassadors for your company and your message. Encourage existing clients to help spread the word about your business as well.

2. Consumers will expect more corporate transparency.

As social media continues to evolve, consumers want better relationships with the products and services they use. This is best done by openly sharing your people, your vision, and your purpose. Be genuine about your employees and about your company.

3. No stock photography!

Show who you are visually as well as in messaging.
If you are going to do trend #2 correctly, you’re going to be genuine with your photos as well. Regardless of improved cell phone camera quality for personal use, people expect business images to be professional. Photography is NOT a place to cut corners. Hire the best!

4. Build a community around your business

Look to have events, special online groups, or other creative ideas to engage your community. Often people use tools such as social media platforms (like Facebook, LinkedIn, etc) and therefore reaching your audience means you are at the mercy of their tool — and it changes all the time! Control your community, and don’t let someone else control it for you.

5. Interactive mobile is now

Millennials now represent the largest segment of buyers in America, and they do everything through their phone. So to gain their attention, you have to engage them interactively through their phones. Get into their pockets with your marketing!

To read the remaining five trends, along with the one that Matt says is the game changer of the year, visit their website to read the complete article.


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