What is Custom Architectural Photography?

Simply put, custom architectural photography can be described as photos of projects and buildings that you or your team played a role in creating. These spaces and places are works of art on their own, but can also be useful for marketing your brand, by sharing the work you can do and highlighting your experience and creativity. Custom architectural photography is the bread and butter of Studio 13 and the foundation on which our business began. Here are three things we love (and think you will too) about architectural photography: 

  1. Your work gets to shine. When you invest in custom architectural photography, the focus is on your contribution to the project being captured. Interior designers, architects, and engineers all had a hand in developing the building in the photographs, but your images will ensure that your company’s involvement is on display
  2. You’re in charge of how your photos come to fruition (if you want to be!). As a client of ours, you get to art direct as much, or as little, as you want. On site, during the shoot, you can see the photos come together and make adjustments in real time to achieve the image you’re looking for. Need more shots? Want to try a different angle? You decide! Want us to take the reigns and you just come along for the ride? We can do that, too!
  3. You can weave your brand identity into each photo captured. Your creative control can go one step further and include details that are key in recognizing your brand and your company. Is your logo distinct and should be at the forefront of most photos? Is your landscaping signature to your properties and you want to ensure it’s included in the shots? Maybe your colors are unique to your brand and you want every photo to have a dash of those hues featured. 

We hope this article gave you insight into what custom architectural photography is and how you or your company can benefit from investing in this type of imagery. If you’re ready to get started, contact us here.





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