This video might take a couple minutes for you to watch—about the same amount of time you’d use to check Facebook, microwave a snack, or pour yourself a cup of coffee in the break room. You’d see a speedy photographer delegating tasks and speedy ham jumping on bread, all over in two pretty quick minutes.

But what you can’t see in this video is the efforts that led up to this day. Behind this video are three months of emails, phone calls, and pre-production meetings. Every shot was carefully planned. It took the collaboration of three photography personnel, a food stylist, and two art directors—all with the same goal—to make each shot perfect.

That day, the team did so much more than click the button on the camera and call it a day. We moved furniture, vacuumed the floor, created a studio space, debated on the perfect props and backgrounds, and fussed over the details of meat on a sandwich. And did it because that is our job.

You might think your photography project is as insignificant as a sandwich but we’ll move mountains—or in this case, furniture—to make that food look like the best sandwich it can be.